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NEWSFLASH: Customer Success is Not Just for SaaS Companies

Last year while shopping at Lowe’s, I had the opportunity to meet Gordon. Gordon works the lawn and garden section and was an immense help. He asked specifics about what I was trying to accomplish (KPIs) and then helped me find all of the tools I needed to get it done.

Not long after, when it was time to replace our lawn mower, Lowe’s was the first place I looked. Fortunately, Gordon was working and was ready to help me. He explained all of my options and helped me figure out which mower would be best for my property. He even gave me a hint about the little package of oil that came included to get the mower started. His hint was spot on. It was as if he had done it himself so he knew how to explain it to customers.

I drive more than ten miles to get to Lowe’s (passing a closer local store and Home Depot) because I know Gordon will take care of my needs. I am consistently impressed with his passion and desire to help me. To date, Gordon has sold me a lawn mower, edger, pick-ax, a barbecue, and a handful or garden tools. Although Gordon only worked the lawn and garden section, his great service was enough for me to make additional purchases at Lowe’s including a refrigerator, freezer, and a washer and dryer.

Even in retail, employees can make customers successful by offering great service and maximizing the value of their purchases. Gordon’s customer success led to upselling (expand opportunities) and return purchasing (renewals).

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